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 Posted: Tue Apr 19th, 2011 12:27 am
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Did some research and decided to replace the start relay. I blew out the chassis with compressed air and it is clean as new. Easy enough to do, even for a clutz like me. :?
Restarted the refrigerator and the clicking on/off behavior was no longer present. The motor was running and the fan turning.
"Great", I'm thinking, "problem solved".
That was around 11:15AM. Now, at almost 8:30PM, the temp inside the refrigerator has dropped from around 60 degrees to 55. This can't be right.  I have to think that after almost 9 hours the temp would be much cooler.
The compressor is hot to the touch. Both copper lines coming out from it are warm, if that means anything.
Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!