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 Posted: Mon Apr 11th, 2011 09:58 pm
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So, my craptastic GE front loader has decided it doesn't want to spin anymore.  In test mode it does nothing on the T10 or T11 spin tests.  No 120v out to the inverter or at the inverter in test mode.  Motor ohm readings appear OK - 6 Ohms on the input wires and ~115-116 on the sensor wires.  While not in test mode there is 120v at the inverter when a cycle is started.  When I start a cycle it goes through an initial test mode, pump comes on for a few seconds, some water sprays into the tub (just enough to wash the detergent into the tub, the tub sometimes rotates a couple of inches in either direction, then acts like it is doing a normal cycle.  No more water gets sprayed in and it never tumbles or spins (I've never sat through an entire cycle).

I *think* it is the inverter but I'm not positive.  Should I try repairing it or just move on to another machine?  Any opinions on the problem or recommendations on a new washer (wife insists on a FL machine).  I know I could buy the inverter from an online retailer with a return policy but the price is 50% higher than a local retailer with no returns on electronics.