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 Posted: Fri Apr 1st, 2011 05:25 pm
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I have a GE Artica PSI23SGMD.  The water line plastic tubing has cracked/split in the past.  I have cut the tubing up to the 'good' section and reattached the copper water line.  I have done this to the point there is no more give in the tubing to cut and still have room to reattach my copper line.

I figured out that the tube goes up into the fridge, behind the drawers and into the water tank assembly unit.  So, I'm assuming at this point I need to replace the whole unit or at least the tubing going all the way to the water tank unit.

Are there any instructions on how to replace this?  Is it as simple as removing the screw, pulling out the old water tank, putting the new one in and fishing the tubing down through the hole?  Is it easy to fish the tubing from inside the fridge down and out the back of the fridge?

Also, do I need to order any couplings or anything?  Or will just buying the water tanks assembly have all the parts needed to fix my problem?


Here's where my tube is split