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 Posted: Mon Dec 13th, 2010 12:40 am
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now the problem was solved, only temporarily......

The machine has been working perfectly, no problems at all since I put the 6.5 board in and told it it was the 7.5

Well this morning, 10yo daughter decides to "add some of her dirty washing" to the machine" when it was almost finished the final spin cycle.

She lifted the lid just as it started to beep at the end of the load.

The Mrs goes and removes the load, puts another load in and there is no power.......

Unplugged, waited 5 mins, plugged back in, it didnt do the usual lights and beep when first plugged in/.

Ok, I get underneath and check the new 2amp 240v in-line fuse that I placed on the pump, and it was blown.....

Replaced it, plugged in and still dead. (tested power outlet etc)

Open the top and check the mainboard, seems the 2amp ceramic fuse has blown on the board.

The 4amp tests ok (20k shows 0.00 on my meter) but the 2amp shows 1. which means no circuit.

On the ceramic fuse it shows 1.6aT (2.0aT) so is it actually a 1.6 amp or 2amp?? Im confused........

I looked over the mainboard again with the magnifying glass and can see a slight discolouration on one patch, but everything appears to test fine, except the 1.6aT (2.0aT) ceramic.

Would it be fine to replace this with another external fast blow fuse and mount it outside the plastic housing??

Should I replace with 1.6a or 2.0a???

We really cant afford a new machine at the moment, nor even afford to have it looked at :'( Ive been off work 18mths with blood clots, so no income! :'(