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 Posted: Thu Dec 2nd, 2010 09:04 pm
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GE part number WR08X10061 Overload Relay is a sub-part of GE part number WR07X10097 PTC And O.L.P Assembly. As we all know, the Run Capacitor (which I have now purchased but did not/do not need) plugs into the back side of the assembly and the assembly plugs onto the compressor.

Ideally it makes sense to just change out the whole assembly part; the problem is virtually everyone across the country is back-ordered on this assembly for about three more weeks (a common estimate that does not take into account shipment time to me). This leads to the dilemma portion of life.

Now in order to extract the Overload Relay from the PTC/O.L.P. Assembly, one tends to do a fair amount of damage to the assembly housing (I did at least) but not so much that it becomes unusable (hopefully).

After extracting the overload relay, it tests to about .5 ohms. Is this acceptable? If this test result is acceptable this means the fault is in the circuit board portion of the assembly and its 'order and wait' time.
If this test result is not acceptable, this part is readily available.

Testing the contacts (top left and top right) that are bridged by the circuit board result in infinity. This to me does not seem to be a good result. A second opinion would be highly valued!

I just would hate to buy the Overload Relay, install it and then still need to go back and buy the assembly.