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 Posted: Mon Nov 29th, 2010 05:04 pm
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Back in town after the holiday...sorry I didn't report this sooner. I went ahead and bought a bag (ok, a box!) of crucial parts for the dryer but replaced the gas valve solenoids first. That's all it took and the thing is humming again.

Many thanks!!!

I 'caught' the Mrs. stopping the dryer near the end of a timed cycle by hitting the pause button, pulling out a garment to fold, close the door and hit the start button again. Sez she does that ll the time. That CAN'T be good for the ignitor and/or gas valve, can it? Not to mention the computer/control board?

It's also amazing to me how much HE detergent we buy, considering we never approach the 120-170 loads each container supposedly washes (there's only the 2 of us; the cats wash themselves), but I'm not having much luck convincing someone who's done laundry for 40+ years to modify their behavior... :D

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