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 Posted: Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 03:55 am
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Well, this is embarrassing. I thought I'd try to start it and time the ignitor attempts when I realized I did NOT have the cabinet back to gether.

I had the blower cover and lint screen out. I replaced both of those and ran a cycle and it's been running and drying with a steady flame for over 10 minutes. Keeping my fingers crossed.

But, when I replaced the thermal fuse, it was all together when it finished a load and then went cold again. Maybe the removal and replacement of the various sensors to inspect, gently clean and test helped a bit?

Sometime later...well, false alarm. It dried the sheets, but seems like it was on about 20 minutes (my wife like the timed dry) and when I checked it less than 10 minutes later, it had shut off, but the sheets were dry. She pulled them out and turned them inside out (fitted king sheets) and put them back in to finish drying.

This time, the ignitor came on, but there is a loud click, no gas, and the ignitor turns off. I timed the ignitor and it seems to try every minute or so, but no gas to ignite.

Tried it on 'normal' mode, but the same; ignitor attempts but no gas.

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