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 Posted: Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 03:36 am
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Ok to keep this simple...

I have a fwt645rhs0 and it won't spin. The rest of the washer seems to be can hear the drain pump going and the valves clicking.

I have the back off and noticed a blown fuse on the board that is located on the lower left side (from rear). I thought to myself this could be a breeze to fix so I look at the fuse then the board and see its a 12A 250VAC fuse...I got 5 of them from my local electronics shop no problem right?

Well after blowing all 5 fuses in the course of this diagnosis this is what I find...the fuse blows as soon as the dial is turned from the off position. I checked the motor the coil resistances all check out well with in the specs on the "schematic" I got from didn't even have the fracking fuse on it. What all is on this fuse? That would be real nice to know.

Then I did the old foil around the power though not quite that stupid...unplugged the wiring harness from that board and checked for shorts to the chassis...thinking bad wire. Even with the control knob in the running position I found no indications of a short in the harness. Not saying there isn't one its just not obvious to me.

So I am left with what seems to either a problem on that board (I guess spin control board?) or the timer (could be shorting internally and I wouldn't have picked it up on my chassis ground check). Is there a way to better diagnose this or is it just a swap parts out and pray game? Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely?