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 Posted: Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 02:07 am
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Yes, I replaced the motor, both front and rear felt drum bearings, and lint screen. The belt and burner asm were replaced a few years ago. All major parts of this dryer are less than three years old. All parts are moving quietly and smoothly.

The total vent is no longer than 7 feet. It is rigid vent from the outside duct elbowing downward into a flexible metal duct, then back to a rigid duct before elbowing into the dryer. All metal. Nothing is crimped. All sections connected by a large hose/duct clamp.  No tape.  The entire vent from dryer to outside vent is a straight line up the wall with the exception of the two 90 degree elbows at top and bottom. Also, I made sure the the whole venting path was clear. And I did check outside and it is blowing strong.

The only indication that something is not right is the heat. I will measure the duct temp.

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