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 Posted: Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 12:11 am
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This pair had been doing SO well! My last visit was late 2007,
Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer Mod# GGW9250PW0, S/N MS0303753 - no heat ...

So, here's the deal per the m'em sahib; clothes not drying but everything else appears normal.
Hoping it was something simple like last time (Thermal Fuse) I replaced the TF (I bought two at the time!). Nah, that didn't do it. Actually, it fired as normal and finished drying a load of clothes. But the next load was cold, no heat.
I pulled the file and diags from my last effort here and observed...
The dryer enters diagnostic mode with no errors, door switch, moisture sensor all work, that is, they passed their respective tests.
The drum spins (no apparent motor problem) and the control panel starts and stops the unit like it should.
Termistor resistance is 8.9 +/- @ 75 degrees, which seems to be in line.
Gas valve test gave resistance readings of:
1402 ohms across terminals 1 & 2 (specs call for 1365 +/- 25)
569 ohms across terminals 1 & 3 (specs call for 560 +/- 25)
1295 ohms across terminals 4 & 5 (specs call for 1220 +/- 25)
Are these within allowable tolerances?
What I see when I watch it try to start with the toe panel removed is the drum starts to turn, the ignitor glows, the gas enters and ignites and burns for perhaps 20-30 seconds then shuts off. Everything else continues, i.e., the drum still turns, the display still looks normal, just not gas/heat. I will come back and repeat the sequence but the gas never stays on for very long.
What am I missing?


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