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 Posted: Sun Nov 21st, 2010 11:45 pm
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Speak'n of 49... U keep'n up with these doggone 49'ers gett'n beat down by TAMPA??? At least our OAKLAND RAIDERS are doin somethin' to keep the Bay Area alive.

and speak'n of U be'n a "Friggyman"... ALL of my kitchen appliances are Frigga dare-e-airs... and Ive been happy with them ALL... 3 years and No problems to speak of. The dw selector switch is start'n to act up a little bit, but other then that... its been great. Also... Ive also noticed that of All the different appliances I work on out this way, FRIGIDAIRE is the LEAST one that I work on. So when people as me wut do I recommend... Thats wut I tell'um.

But....Thats MYYYYYYYY story.

and I wish U 'da-best with the t'angry-gerz, I know they can be a little harder to program then a control board.
Still wait'n for the pic's. Thought I was goin out there to get'um. Got shut down instead and told they would come to me by E-mail. Wut family luv huh... Tryna help and they dont even want u to come by......

:pisser:. YESSSSSSSssssss. FAMILY LUV......................