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 Posted: Sun Nov 21st, 2010 06:43 pm
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My wife was tryn'na show me how to attach pictures to this here computer gismo. Its more complicated then I want it to be. so... Im'ma go take the pictures and when SHE finds the time.... SHE will post the pictures U need, and I'll stick to the typ', and the fix'n cause thats the stuff I know. ( well... sort'of......)

And wut I wouldnt give to b in the CANADIAN SNOW (for a day or two!!!!!)]:coolblast: and Yea, U definately got the worst of it, but mannnn.... a nice fireplace, plenty of wood, and a neighbors kid to do the shovel'n for me..... dude... I'm there!!!!! and no heater to fix!!!!!!

I'll keep U posted on the pics and codes, but I gotta wait for "WIFEY" now. SHE says later tonight (Like 8pm our time). Maybe by then someone else may jump in, but I 'preciate-cha for wut EVER U have to offer!!! Thx.