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 Posted: Sun Nov 21st, 2010 05:08 pm
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Wellll...... Since your "ALL I'VE GOT".......:P, There is some guide on the tech sheet say'n how to read the codes(thru the flash'n red lites), but it's not REAL clear as to where or wut I'm to do AFTER read'n the code.

I'm not there rite now... but wut I remember is there was a code 13(one long three short) and when cleared, a code 31 three long one short.

and The reset was at about eye level ( stand'n 5' 10") ( minus the few inches from the top of my head to my bi-focals):shock:

Question... R U goin to be around n say.... 5 hrs? If so, I could be THERE, in front of it/