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 Posted: Tue Sep 27th, 2005 02:59 pm
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I sale appliances myself.  No matter where you get the equipment, if it is offered, get the agreement.  You said you have a kenmore, so I am assuming you got it from Sears (where I work).   The agrement is only a one tiem fee, and covers all the parts and labor, where if you don't renew you would probably spend more fixing the quipment,than it would cost to renew the agreement.  Also, lets say they can fix the washer this time, but in 2 mor eyears, they can't.  They give you the amount you paid for the washer (not the agreements) as a credit  toward a new washer.  Really, you can't lose on that.  Helps greatly cut off those unexpected expenses.  I tell all of my customers that I recommend the agreement moe on the washer than anything else, weither elsse being dryer, frdige, range, whatever.