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 Posted: Sat Nov 20th, 2010 07:01 am
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Let me preface this with, this is a popcorn machine given to my wife's special education class.  It's a $600 machine, that needed a new element for $35. 

According to the schematic, my wires are hooked up correctly.  However, once it reaches a certain temperature, it trips my GFI in my workshop.  It doesn't trip my breaker, but the GFI.  The thermostat in this thing is very rudimentary.  It's basically a cover with 2 screws on top, and inside are two pieces of metal.  1 is V shaped and attached on both sides, and the other is just a flat piece attached on one end.  I have a feeling the thermostat is bad, but have no idea if I can test it before I order a new thermostat. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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