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 Posted: Sat Nov 20th, 2010 12:21 am
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The good news-
New board just arrived, removed the original one and installed the replacement and plugged the unit in. All the normal start-up sounds and the condenser fan now spins at full tilt.

The bad news-
The run capacitor/relay clicks in but you can definitively hear a buzzing/arching type sound for about 5-8 seconds and then it kicks off; the compressor does not even give any hint of starting up. I let it run this cycle twice before unplugging the unit.

Revisiting testing the compressor, run capacitor and overload relay.
Touching the three pins in any order of pairs coming off the compressor, all show continuity (to 0). Touching any one of these pins in succession and touching bare metal on the compressor housing returns infinity. Could the compressor still be bad (frozen) internally?

Now this is the curious part; if I touch the blue and black wires connecting to the overload relay I get continuity (to 0), but when I probe the three receptacles (the pairings to the pins from the compressor) I get infinity regardless of combination. When I pull out the run capacitor just enough to get the probes in, touching the two spades (overload relay to run capacitor) also returns infinity. Do these results point to any issues with these two components?

Now to call and schedule a GE Tech again as I probably won't see one until after the holiday.

As always, any guidance gladly accepted and appreciated.