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 Posted: Mon Nov 15th, 2010 11:31 pm
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Service tech just left; took one look and diagnosed the motherboard and promptly wrote me an estimate for $310.
I showed him the 'GE letter' and this websites postings regarding this issue and shared that I should not be needing to pay anything. He said "that's an old letter" pointing to the letters date of origin; I replied "it says 'replace until further notice'- show me a followup letter that rescinds this directive".
As expected he claimed to have never heard of this, called his Tech line friends who claimed the same and reaffirmed to the service guy 1 Yr warranty only.

I politely told the service tech that I was not interested in jerking him around and that he was free to move on and help another customer while I contact GE and hash this all out.
All in all- 5 wasted days.

More later.