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 Posted: Sun Nov 14th, 2010 03:56 am
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Whirlpool LGR7646EQ2.  A quick rundown:

Dryer stopped turining/froze.  I saw that felt bearing at front of drum was messed up.  Removed panel to see lots of loose change in the bearing area and was what tore it up.  Replaced felt bearing and all was fine.

Next night, dryer stopped.  It was very hot.  Drum froze/stopped again. Took it apart again.  Motor would turn backwards, but not forward.  But then after goofing with it, it freed up and turned both ways.

Without drum in place, I fired up dryer.  Motor kicked on and ran quietly like it should.  Hmmmm... but then I saw what looked like a clutch at the front of the motor start clicking loudly and moving fore and aft along the shaft.  But then  it stopped doing that and the motor ran quietly.  A while later. I heard it sllllowly start to make a noise... like it needed oil or something.  But then it went away.  It has been running now for 20 minutes quietly... like there is nothing wrong.

Could this be a maintainence issue?  Or for just under $100, should I stop thinking about it and replace the motor?


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