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 Posted: Wed Nov 10th, 2010 10:17 pm
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gbouchzoo wrote: I am getting +/-8ohm on each of two pairs and another 12-14ohm on the third pair. Does this mean anything significant?


What about the J2 pins 3-5 3.8vdc & pins 3-8 12vdc? I seem to have read on another post pins 3-5 should be 12vdc also.

1) depends on the OHM meter and if it's zero'ed correctly.

a digital OHM meter would be easier/better

if you have a Harbor Freight Store near you,

they have these meters, normally $ 4.99, w/battery

but sometimes on sale for $ 2.99
if on sale, print sale page and take to store


click on picture


click on picture ...

OR this one 

click on picture


2)  J2:

Pin 3 to Pin 8  12v DC supply

Pin 3 to Pin 4  Evaporator Fan  12v DC = Hi Speed   8v DC = Low Speed

Pin 3 to Pin 5 Condenser Fan 12v DC (only one speed)

Pin 3 to Pin 6   Fresh Food Fan  0v DC = Hi Speed   3v DC = Low Speed

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