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 Posted: Wed Nov 10th, 2010 09:51 pm
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My part is similar to yours in that is has the same post to support the run capacitor. There is something odd about the diagram and part I noted from that site- unless I chose the incorrect item from the diagram.

Re: usually about 4 OHMs between one pair, 8 OHMs between another pair, 12 OHMs between third pair (4+8)
I am getting +/-8ohm on each of two pairs and another 12-14ohm on the third pair. Does this mean anything significant? We are both measuring the at pins on the compressor, yes?

What about the J2 pins 3-5 3.8vdc & pins 3-8 12vdc? I seem to have read on another post pins 3-5 should be 12vdc also.