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 Posted: Wed Nov 10th, 2010 08:14 pm
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Symptoms- No more cold air, all lights and fans inside the cabinet functioning normally (all normal sounds).
Run capacitor clicks on and off, Compressor is/was very warm/hot to touch, Compressor gets a muffle hum like it wants to run but the Run capacitor or the Overload relay kick out after about 5 seconds.
Pulled the OL relay and RC. Tested with an Ohmmeter across the contacts; no reading on either unit (does not go to '0'). Is this normal?
Ohmmeter across (3) contacts in any order/pairing coming from the compressor goes to (0). Is this normal?
Shook both units- very minor metallic clicking in the OL relay, doesn't sound overly busted up. How much rattle quantifies 'busted'?
Voltage at the motherboard check (J2 3-5 3.8vdc & 3-8 12vdc).
Pulled the motherboard- no apparent burn marks or scorching on the backside.
Condenser fan was turning albeit slowly before I unplugged it for the night last night.
Condenser coils were cool to the touch.
Jumping Line to J8 gets me nothing yet with the connector in place everything tries to function normally (normal sounds).

GE service scheduled not scheduled till Monday (5 days from now). Fortunately I have another unit in my unoccupied guest house so, no loss of food or function. Local repair guy suggests waiting for GE tech. as both MB and Compressor are under warranty.

What are the odds: Bad motherboard, frozen compressor, bad OL relay/ Run Capacitor?