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 Posted: Fri Oct 29th, 2010 10:19 pm
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As it stands, it's been running well and I'm too superstitious to jinx it with the run capacitor (knocked on wood again.)  So when I get home this evening... if it still appears to be running... I'm going to cram the fridge back into the cabinet.  (Yes... I said cabinet.  It would probably run more efficiently if it weren't closed.  But with a clean heat exchanger, the air coming out of the cabinet does not seem warm at all... nor does the heat exchanger for that matter.  There's about 3" of space at the top and will definitely not be pushing it all the way back against the wall!)

Around 11:15 AM today I tested the amperage coming into the 3-n-1 with my old trusty dusty analog clamp-on.

1.  Pulled the plug and then plugged in immediately to see what it would do when it wouldn't turn.  It hovered at around 10A before it shut down.

2.  Then I pulled the plug again and gave it 5 minutes and replugged.  About 12A for maybe 1 second then down to about 1.5A.  Is that all these pumps are supposed to pull?  Or is my old analog faulty?  I did zero it out with the little screw first.