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 Posted: Fri Oct 29th, 2010 03:11 am
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certified tech group 51 wrote: You need to wait about 5 minutes after unplugging it before plugging back in................. P.S.  top is common= black .............lower right is red= run............lower left is white=start.............

(OK.  New pitcher warming up for the Rangers.)

I plugged it back in and it fired right back up.  Thanks!

Now the real test will be does it start the next time the thermostat wants it to.

Here's something else...

It definitely starts immediately, but it makes some noise for awhile and then fades slowly for about 30 seconds or maybe a little more... like it's building up pressure until it reaches the point that it's happy with.  It seemed like it was doing this for months before it stopped cooling.  I assumed it was the start windings going, but thought I should ask... could it be a loss in coolant?

I think I'll split the wires near the plug and pop my amprobe on it and report back... next commercial. 

BASE HIT!!!  "2 - Nothing, Giants!!!"

(I'm from Santa Cruz, BTW.  Hope none of my experts here are Texans!!!  :shock:)