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 Posted: Tue Oct 26th, 2010 10:20 pm
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i don't think that OEM has a OL you can bust out, so...

CTG has the best idea; get you a RCO810 and install the run cap in parallel with the red (run) and white (start).

the hard start will have 5 wires on it....2 blacks with no connectors on them; these are the hot and neutral. wirenut these to the incoming power to the compressor.

the other 3 wires have terminals that push on to the compressor terminals

common= black

run= red

start= white

to wire in the run cap...easiest to cut and wirenut a pigtail in the white and red wires, and connect those to your run cap (you will have to crimp on push-on connectors to the ends of the pigtails to connect to the cap)

hope i didnt confuse you more ...LOL

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