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 Posted: Tue Oct 26th, 2010 07:31 pm
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certified tech group 51 wrote: Supco has a variety of Hard Start kits available....From the ultimate Hard Start to a basic Hard Start...............If the compressor is " not long for this world" ..I would use the ( basic ) Hard Start Supco 3-N-1 part number RCO810 made for 1/12 to 1/5 H.P. compressors............ Just wire in the run cap. parallel on the WHITE and RED wires........... It is the start cap. that is what gets the compressor started.......Using a aftermarket over-load / relay is almost like using O.E.M equipment.........


I'm not sure how much life the compressor has, but it seems reasonably clear that the start windings are not what they once were.  Once the pump is started, it will run for hours until the thermostat shuts it down.  Then if the thermostat wants it back on fairly quickly, it won't start and will just continue the overload cycle.

I've got the fridge on a timer now.  1.5 hours on, 1/2 hour off.  15 minutes appears to not be enough of a break, but 1/2 hour seems to be.  It ran all evening through this morning in these 2 hour cycles with no, apparent trouble.

So let me see if I have this right...

Do I wire the run cap between the 3-n-1 and the 3 pins on the compressor or do I leave the old relay (picture above) or...?