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 Posted: Sun Oct 24th, 2010 10:34 pm
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A quick intro:

I'm Kendall a Realtor from Southern Oregon.  I'm hoping to save 600 clams on a compressor.  Thanks for having me here on your awesome boards!

The fridge is just over 5 years old, i.e. just out of warranty.  It's a bottom freezer unit.

It started doing the 5 second buzz, "click" and then try again a few minutes later.

After much research on here I opted to order the OEM replacement, rather than the PRO41 an appliance shop tried to sell me.  Mine has the 15 mf capacitor attached.

I replaced it.

Still doing it.  I tried swapping the two relay units back and forth and I get the exact same thing.

I can leave it off for several hours and it will fire up and run for several more.  Then it will repeat the buzzing/click process.

Now after more searches I've determined that it's likely the start windings and the compressor may not be long for this world.

I've also read that there is not a ton of support for the 3-in1 Supco units for a fridge of this post '95 era.

I can see several worst cases...

1.  The 3-in1 kills the compressor... which was likely near death anyway

2.  Fire danger - With a wife and 2 little girls in the house, I'm not too keen on this part, though I've seen some who are not concerned by this.

So I'm hoping for a definitive answer...

Is it worth a shot to see if a 3-in-1 will start that compressor each time?

My other idea is to install a timer on the compressor and maybe an extra fan to keep it cool.

Thanks again!