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 Posted: Sun Oct 24th, 2010 08:35 pm
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:) Patient wiggling was the key!  And a blanket on the floor which I originally used for padding on the concrete, but allowed me to easily slip around to reach things!  I have totally unplugged the MCU.

Now when I turn on the washer, all the lights look correct.  The buttons work on the wash cycles, and the temp adjust.  If I didn't know it's innards were unplugged, I would throw in clothes!

After about 10 seconds, an F22 door lock code appears.  When I run diagnostics, the same code appears 4 times, it displays c00, c01 u01, then all lights on orange, and then F22 again.

I'm waiting for the unit to reset (and going to the laundry!), and then will plug the board back in and see what happens.

I'm thinking the F22 is a false can't lock the door because the MCU is disabled?  Or I've plugged it in several times with the door open, and those are the only codes it remembered?  The original problem was the door wouldn't open, and we had to open manually.  So maybe it is the door?

Just wondering if I'm on the right troubleshooting track.  This is getting interesting on how it works.  Thanks!