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 Posted: Sat Oct 23rd, 2010 11:53 am
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I replaced the RPS today. Well I actually replaced the whole motor winding plate because at the time, I didnt realise that the RPS was removable lol.

As soon as I hooked it in, powered on and the machine started :)

Awesome news!!! Thank you again JS and Tronicsmaster for your valued assistance!! Mrs also said to say a huge thankyou, and I am sure the kids will too when they have clean clothes (the washing piled up while I had both machines out of action lol)

I discovered the cabinet of the 6.5kg was actually rusting out on the bottom, probably from the flood we had a few years back, so it was a blessing in disguise for us getting the non working 7.5kg.

The motor winding from the 6.5kg tests fine so I will stick it, the control panel, the agitator etc onto eBay as seperate items :)

Once again, my tribe can not thank you enough :)