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 Posted: Tue Oct 19th, 2010 09:22 am
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J5 wrote:
its 10 years old or maybe older

you are in aus ?

pump is about $90

board is about $170

atm a 7.5kg runs at $649

has the out of balance switch ever been replaced as that would be another addition and in a couple of years some new valves as well

Thanks for that :D Havent seen too many new "known brand's" around here for under the $800 mark even on the big sale days.

The OOB switch was done by the previous owner about 2 years ago, it looks and tests fine :D too.

Is it possible to pick up a secondhand board??

We do also have the 609 that I bought new 10 years ago but it is only 6.5kg.
F&P said it has the same board..... and I looked at it and it is the same casing and almost identical part number So, I was thinking about buying a brand new pump and then changing the boards and then get a (secondhand) board to put back into the 609 to flog it off.