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 Posted: Tue Oct 19th, 2010 07:08 am
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I have made different error codes! (hoping that is progress)

I pulled the three blue wires at the m13 plug. It didn't do 3 beeps when I plugged in, but the cycle code light started flashing. I powered off and on and got F22. Then I ran the diagnostics and straight to F22 again.

I plugged those back in and went in search of the MCU. found the three blue and two pink wires under a little cover that snapped open at the bottom of the washer. But I can't get the blue wires out...there is a tab with a lip holding them in...I'm pushing it pretty hard and afraid of breaking (and don't want to pull the blue wires). The pink wires seemed a bit I pushed back in, but that might have happened when I removed the plastic cover. Started again and back to 3 beeps and c00 displaying.

So now I need help on how to get those out...or did removing the M13 wire at the top control board effectively test the same thing? And F22 means?

Thanks again all.... :)