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 Posted: Tue Oct 19th, 2010 05:45 am
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Tronicsmasta wrote:
shoot... you need to check for shorts. ohm out the motor and the diverter. we had a major issue with water leaking on the diverted and causing the wax motor to short. the new ones come with a plastic cover. you can order the diverter by itself, or it comes with a new drain hose assembly.

Thanks boss~! I just checked the board and there is a 2 amp and a 4 amp onboard ceramic? fuse. Both are bopped, there is also a diode blown (cracked) next to the 2 amp fuse.

I have "since" read another forum's suggestion to add a 2amp inline fuse to the motor lol.......

Too little too late for our mainboard.

Now, there is a few components on the mainboard that "could" be replaced, the 2 x fuses, the diode, and one small chip with 3 legs which is on the other side of the board. I guess it is not worth it because other stuff may well be fried from ESD too :'(