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 Posted: Mon Apr 25th, 2005 12:53 am
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The float microswitches on GE dishwashers have an extra light spring action-- you have to use a factory original part for this.

Without question, you need to verify that you have the correct wiring diagram.

I really don't see any reason for the diode to be there... assuming water inlet valve operates on 120vac, not some DC voltage. You can easily verify this with your meter without having to hook up the valve or float switch, just as you have it in your first photo.

Once you verify that the valve is using 120vac, the next step would be to remove the diode run the dishwasher. My money says it will work just fine.

By the way, this dishwasher is another example of dumbass appliance manufacturers using electronic controls on a wet appliance-- always a bad idea and I've never seen it work reliably.

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