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 Posted: Mon Oct 18th, 2010 08:02 am
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Just found this forum thanks.

We just got donated a Fisher and Paykel GW709AU as its previous owner replaced it with a new one as it has some issues.

The main issue is that it will complete the wash cycle, then start to pump the water out.

It pumps about 3 buket loads then the machine just goes dead. No lights, no warning codes, nothing....

The only way to start it again is to unplug the power, then leave it about 5 minutes, and plug it in again, skipping through to the spin cycle.

My thoughts are that it is an issue with the pump, maybe a slight leak or something as they did tell me that it had a puddle of water under it afterward.

I did find a perished rubber fitting on the outlet hose so I replaced that and it does not leak now, but still turns completedly dead.