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 Posted: Sat Oct 16th, 2010 08:32 am
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Ok, the verdict is in.

Apparently, the experts here are experts for a reason. I ran two loads through two separate washing machines and dried each load without the vent hose (one load of towels and 1 load consisting of a blanket and a towel) for 60 minutes (timed cycle, high heat). I swear I did this prior and maybe the whole dis-assembly and re-assembly of the dryer ended up fixing my issue....or maybe the venting was the real culprit all along.

The load of towels on 60 minutes came out dry as a bone.

The blanket and towel was dry as a bone after 60 minutes too.

What I realized is you guys were right on the money of my washers does not spin all of the water out too well.

I live in a 4 family building. I have access to 2 washing machines. 1 Maytag from 2002 and 1 Whirlpool from 1987. The Maytag spins almost all of the water from the load compared to the older Whirlpool. I guess my next forum question will be for the washing machine that doesn't spin the water off well enough. (I'm sure I can find an answer for that without even asking).

Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Tim in St. Louis