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 Posted: Thu Oct 14th, 2010 09:07 pm
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I received a Whirlpool dryer from a buddy when he upgraded to a new front loader. He said it took a long time to dry towels. I hooked up the machine at my house and noticed it did take 2 cycles of 45-50 mins to completely dry a normal sized load on the high heat setting.

I know that long drying times are usually attributed to poor ventilation, kinked vent hose, lint blockage, etc., so I figured I could fix this problem with a vacuum cleaner.

I removed the back panel and found a lot of lint..a whole lot of lint. I then removed the blower wheel cover / lint chute and removed more lint. I cleaned the heck out of the machine.  I even found a $20 bill folded up in one corner of the machine!!! :coolblast: I put everything back together and it is still taking 2 loads to dry the clothes.

I then emptied the dryer and removed the vent hose and tested the air flow from the back of the machine. It was coming out pretty strong and the temperature cycled between 165 and 135. I could hear the cutoffs clicking so they appear to be doing their jobs.

As a side note, I used a cheap plastic vent hose for testing purposes only (yes, the kind that you are not supposed to use). It had to stretch approximately 7-8 feet. I don't think that would affect the drying though.

I am at a loss on this one. Please help.