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 Posted: Thu Oct 14th, 2010 07:02 am
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kingbob151 wrote:

  • Thermistors read 12.7K and 24.4K @71 degrees ambient
  • Gas fires at 103 and shuts off at 133 exhaust temps measured with ir at vent
  • Outlet polarity and supply are good. 118.6-118.8 VAC
  • Elevation is 2500 ft
Anything suggestions would be helpful


this is assuming that the dryer is operating properly...
the temps aren't correct. some older dryers had external regulators for propane/butane... double check the gas line to make sure that it does not have any other regulators other than the one on your tank. if you have 2 regulators, the gas flow will not be enough.

the whole point of the LP gas conversion is to change the orifice and to bypass the internal gas regulator.

same concept in reverse, if the technician who installed the LP gas conversion put the wrong orfice in or did not install the top regulator bypass, you will get too much flame and it will trip the hi-limit instead of your thermistor/cntrl adjusting the heat.

i would definatly just double check. its kind of a long shot...

It is never a bad thing to leave it to the professionals. Inexperience can lead to more damage or risk of injury. You can always call A&E Factory Service (1-800-905-9505), Sears(1-800-469-4663), or local service man you can trust (