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 Posted: Wed Oct 13th, 2010 05:17 pm
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Bosch WTVC3500uc/10 production FD9004. It is a gas dryer purchased from a local big box on 6/9/10 and converted to LP by the propane supplier. The issues I'm having are really weird.

First, the 20 min timed dry cycle will run for 20 mins and the display will count down to 0:00. Then it will go back to 0:01 and run forever, heating all the while. I've had the control board replaced twice, the machine replaced once, and the control replaced again after that. All with the same results.

Second, The auto dry cycles all took 3 times through to dry, even set to extra dry. On the advice of the service tech, I bypassed the current venting system (it went down and out from under the house, 22 ft with 4 90 deg elbows) and cut a new hole out the wall. 2 feet total length. It now drys in 2 cycles witch is better but still unacceptable.

Here are some readings taken by myself and the techs
  • Thermistors read 12.7K and 24.4K @71 degrees ambient
  • Gas fires at 103 and shuts off at 133 exhaust temps measured with ir at vent
  • Outlet polarity and supply are good. 118.6-118.8 VAC
  • Elevation is 2500 ft
Anything suggestions would be helpful