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 Posted: Sun Oct 10th, 2010 09:03 pm
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Thanks again for trying to help!  I am sooo frustrated :)

I was trying to remove the front panel because I thought that was the way to the wiring...similar to how I removed the bottom panel to release the door latch. 

I am back humbly at your mercy, because I gave up last week and called the local repair shop.  They told me the washer wasn't worth fixing, and that each part cost $300-400 and he couldn't send them back if they didn't fix it.  I notice your site, and several others take returns, so think he just didn't want to fix it.  He "fixed" the leak in my fridge, and now the icemaker doesn't work.  And charged me $30 to run the diagnostics on the washer, which now shows code c00...he said he couldn't get it to run the diagnostics and get F70....I had done it twice, but now it won't run so don't really know what he did!  I asked him to check the control panel harness, and he said he couldn't because there was no one to help him unstack the dryer.  (no one but my 18 yr old 6 ft tall teenage daughter....who lifted the thing up there!) 

I also see posts on other sites to join class action lawsuits for this particular washer because of the associated control board problems.  I really don't know what to do at this point...  but I am going to attempt unstacking the units today and looking at the wiring.  And try a part swap if I can return if that doesn't help.

My recent experiences with Sears don't lead me to much hope contacting the company, but it was suggested to me to put it on maintenance.