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 Posted: Sun Oct 10th, 2010 12:09 pm
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Thanks to your guidance - I will soon be proud owner of a new Admiral washer thanks to you guys!  Home Depot will deliver next weekend (10-16-10).  Must be coming by way of muletrain - although in stock, it takes a week from Roanoke to Martinsville!  Go figure!

Considering my old machine has a bad tranny, but is otherwise in good shape, any suggestions what I should do with it?  Be nice! 

Seriously, someone with more time than me (and tools) could repair it cheap - tranny still under 10 year warranty.  Should I give to charity?  Should I just let Home Depot delivery guys haul it away?  It just seems wasteful to throw it in the dump!

Any suggestions? 

Thanks again for all the terrific advice.  You guys are the best!