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 Posted: Sun Apr 24th, 2005 11:33 pm
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Samurai Appliance Repair Man wrote:
If something's not on the wiring diagram, then two possibilities exist:

1. it's the wrong wiring diagram

2. it doesn't belong there

Has this dishwasher ever been worked on before?

Disconnect the undocumented diode and try running the dishwasher that way.

Good catch in finding that mystery component, by the way. :cool:

Mr. Samurai, thanks for taking your time out for me. Should I contact GE to verify the prints fit this unit?

The wiring worksmanship of the diode appears factory.

The dishwasher came new w/ the new house about 3 yrs ago. Only other issue was the day after move in the dishwasher wasn't getting any water. GE tech came out (I wasn't home) and said it wasn't getting water from the house supply. He was right, the plumbers waterline from sink was too short and kinked, I helped the plumber put the longer line on.

It should run normal w/out the "mystery component", I just wonder how I'll get an answer from GE. I was going to try to replace the mystery component, good luck huh? I need to get a new flood switch asm because the float Mr. Budget was referring to isn't compressing the microsw. I bought. Unless a spring pushes the egg shape cap down on the float actuator, mine won't compress w/ the weight only.

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