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 Posted: Wed Oct 6th, 2010 08:20 am
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it looks like the fridge is circulating humid air. make sure all food containers are sealed. an open container can add extra humidity to the refrigerator. check from the rear compartment all of the entry points into the unit (water lines, wire harness, refrigeration lines) to make sure they are sealed. If this all looks ok check the evaperator to make sure the foam seals on either side of it are intact. if these seals fail, humid air will bypass the evaperator and freeze to the cold upper compartment. next you should install the evaperator cover with one or two screws (just enough to hold it in place) and initiate a defrost cycle by rotating the defrost timer very slowly until it clicks. make sure the fan and compressor shut off during defrost. time the defrost cycle to see how long it is and check the evaperator after the cycle. the evaperator should be dry, and if moisture is still dripping the timer isnt on long enough or cycling often enough.

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