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 Posted: Sun Oct 3rd, 2010 07:26 pm
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Pictures taken 24 hours after water shutoff.

I have accomplished ZERO so far.




I did a very close examination of the gasket & how it is constructed.

The gasket has 45 degree angle butt seams on all 4 corners. The butt seam where the ice build up is occuring is of very poor quality. As I look at it closely it is not a smooth seal where it contacts the flat white hard surface of the freezer. It has an unevenness to it and a lump where the plastic is glued or heat welded.

I will try a close up pic, but I'm not that good at the closeup's

The first picture is the one that I installed & shows that the sealing ridge is much smaller than the original design & also shows the more narrow width and a "flap" to make it look as big as the original.

The next pic is of the refrigerator side - an original 12 year old gasket & shows that the sealing ridge is much bigger & the gasket is "full width" and the 45 degree butt seam is much nicer & higher quality & accurate compared to the new one on the freezer side.

Do you think there could be an air leak at the bad corner of the new gasket?


I have an IR thermometer & will try taking some temps around the outside of the gasket.

It's a brand new gasket & I took a lot of care installing it & I think I did a very good job getting it on square & flat.

It could be a bad quality gasket from the manufacturer. The other 3 corners are a little "better", but non of the corners on the replacement gasket are as good (of quality) as the original that is still on the refridge side.