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 Posted: Sun Apr 24th, 2005 08:35 pm
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I've found a short in the water valve solenoid circuit. It's a little confusing but the feed (pink wire- hot feed from the PCB) goes to one side of the float sw.= then a yellow leaves the float and goes to one side of the solenoid (which has another yellow that goes some heat shrink that I cut off(that insulates a connection of what looks like a diode w/out a band marking the cathode and some numbers that make you think it's a resistor= THIS IS SHORTED both directions) then turns into the white red which is the neutral. The other side of the water valve is 2 white reds. So you have nuetral on both sides w/ this component shorted. I'm going to try to attatch a pic. Note the diode looking object coming from the yellow wire side of the water valve- the wire changes to a white red=neutral wire [which is the same as the other side of the water valve which equals a direct short. Is this for the field to collapse around the coil and save contacts? or supress spikes to board?

BTW- This shorted component is NOT on the prints!

It's time for the wise ones to step in!! Oh Samurai, Jedi... What is this mysterious component?

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