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 Posted: Sat Oct 2nd, 2010 05:16 pm
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OK...I will order that part.  Thanks for the link!  That makes it easy!  Before I do that, I think I should mention a couple things because with your expertise, you will be able to tell me if I have something else going on.  

1)  There is absolutely no response when I push the raise/lower button.  No sound or sign that anything is even trying to work. 

2)  Right before this thing stopped working, it went crazy.  It was in the up position and after I pushed the button to lower it, it went down and then came back up and went down and up and down and up.....I had to unplug it to make it stop.  When I plugged it back in it was doing the same thing.  I waited for a day or two and when I plugged it back in it was up and would not lower.  I know, I should have unplugged it when it was down......hindsight!  But, on the other hand, since the fan still worked, I found myself glad it was stuck raised up.   

Anyway, I don't know if that is at all significant but thought I should mention it just in case.....if I need to order a part(s) other than the gear motor I can maybe get them coming at the same time.