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 Posted: Mon Sep 27th, 2010 04:41 am
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Thanks to this site, we rescued all my daughters jeans that were trapped in the wash when it stopped with the door locked!  Removed front panel, pulled tab to release lock.  :D 

Left the washer unplugged overnight to reset as code was not remembered, and when plugged in it locked and made noise, but no lights and won't start (3 beeps).  I then opened door with pull tab release again, unplugged for a while to reset, and plugged in.  Now the door opens and closes normally, but no lights no start. :X

I located the secret repairman's sheet in the washer cave per the posts, and ran the manual diagnostics and got error code F70.  I'm thinking the jeans got off balance and shook a wire loose.  It says to check the continuity of the User Interface harness and the connections between that and the central control unit, but I'm not sure where that there a diagram somewhere o master?

Domo Arigato!  Rescuing the jeans was #1 in her first college week!