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 Posted: Fri Sep 24th, 2010 06:40 am
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I have a customer with this refrigerator which she purchased used.  It has the electronic controls like the GD2SHAXNQ00.  From her description, it has a defrost problem.  I'm the second tech looking at this.  The first replaced the heater, termination thermostat and the circuit board.  I saw the previous board and heater but not the termination thermostat.  Since I'm now writing about it, this obviously did not fix it.  She says it will cool well for about 7 days and then quit, having ice on the rear panel of the freezer. 

Apparently the previous owner didn't want this to be easy to repair.  Not only was part of the data plate with the model number torn off, they also removed the 2 info sheets normally stuck in the kick plate. 

Is there any other possibility that can cause a defrrost problem in this case?  Is there a place (on the web or elsewhere) I can find the wiring diagram and steps for diagnosing this box?  What other ideas do you have that I should check out?