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 Posted: Fri Sep 24th, 2010 03:49 am
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AFter my machine began it's battle of dirt in 1993, it finally could battle no more and committed Seppuku.   Now it is time to choose the next Iron Samurai Washer.  And you will need to help me choose the best samurai washer in the land.  We will  be able to pay about $800 for the new mighty warrior.  A warrior it must be strong large and hardy.  It must be able to defend our noble family of 11.  Many of which are of the dreaded teenager class, football, dress clothes etc... There is only one more maiden than masters in the house.  I trust your wise counsel to help our family in our moment of need.  For at the moment we are without a fearless defender and we are urgently needing protection.  The attack is mounting please help us find our defender...