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 Posted: Sun Apr 24th, 2005 05:25 pm
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Dear iceman,

It is sad to hear your sad experience but glad that we have learnt.
You should be re-classified above " the Master Appliantologists". Hope our Honorable Samurai Appliance Repairman could take the appropriate action as he likes.

I don't have "1300W Panasonic Inverter Microwave" nor any other microwave in the "hood fan cavity". Have only a simple Panasonic microwave oven on the countertop.

I have two queries in mind.
(1) Is "Inverter" technology "wrong" or "bad"?
(2) Is the "hood fan cavity" a good place to house a microwave oven?

I don't have any solid answers but some simple thoughts.

a) With the advent of power electronics, "heavy and large" electro-magnetic devices (transformers, switches, etc) could be replaced by "light and small" power electronic devices (inverter, triac, SCR etc). No one likes to carry a "heavy" note-book PC with a heavy transformer. An aeroplane will not able to take off if heavy transformers are used in place of the inverters.
Electro-magnetic devices are "well-proven" and power electronic devices are "to be well-proven". It takes time and experience for an advanced technolgy to "mature".

b) The hood fan cavity is the worst place in the kitchen where "heat, moiture, oil vapour etc" are concentrated. You are really cooking the "microwave and its inverter" there. Electro-magnetic will have a higher tolerance than power electronic in this condition. Iceman will become "vapourman" there!

Wander if you could post your microwave oven for us to view! Thanks.

The Seven

The Seven