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 Posted: Sun Sep 5th, 2010 04:08 am
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If an LG washer has NO POWER (no power at all / no lights etc) this is usually the MAIN BOARD.

 Check for 120volts at the wall outlet (of the home).

Check for 120 volts to the LINE / NOISE FILTER which will be the black and white wire plug (REGUSPATOFF posted an image of this part). If no power at the black & white wire plug---the POWER CORD is damaged (very unlikely).

Check for 120 volts from the other plug on the LINE / NOISE FILTER ASSY.  If no power---the part has failed (very rare). The LINE / NOISE FILTER ASSY part number is: 6201EC1006A

If power is detected from the LINE / NOISE FILTER ASSY----then the MAIN BOARD is at fault. The correct part number for the MAIN BOARD requires a *Serial Number* to ensure that the correct part is ordered.

The DISPLAY BOARD is located at the front control panel and is not likely to be at fault.