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 Posted: Tue Aug 31st, 2010 06:58 am
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<<<Oh yeah.. One more thing. GOTTA love how LG rivets/presses the back of the dryer on so you have to either have to pry or drill the back off to remove the back of the dryer.>>>
All repairs to LG dryers are performed through the *front* of the dryer.
The only rear-of-dryer service needed would be to install a gas line or power cord and the exhaust vent.
The spot welds and / or screws at the rear of the dryer should never be removed **except** to replace the DUCT ASSY.
Stainless steel screws at the back of the dryer can be removed to allow disassembly of the back plate (part of the interior of the drum area) and removing / replacing the DUCT ASSY.